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Practical nursing students boast 100 percent pass rate

Practical nursing students boast 100 percent pass rate

The Holmes Community College's practical nursing (PN) programs on all three campuses had a 100 percent pass rate on the National NCLEX exam.

"I am extremely proud of our students, as well as the faculty for their dedication in preparing our students for the NCLEX-PN exam," said Holmes Practical Nursing Department Chair Christi Blair. "Our program has a strong history of producing exemplary LPNs for our district and the State of Mississippi."

To add to the magnitude of the accomplishment, Blair explained, "We have always had good board scores but have never had 100 percent pass rate on all three campuses." Every one of the practical nursing students passed the National NCLEX-PN exam on their first try,

"We are so excited to know that we had a 100 percent board pass rate district-wide for the class of 2016," said Dr. Lakesia Sutton, practical nursing instructor on the Ridgeland Campus. "The students were very receptive to the materials given and a joy to work with."

The 2016 practical nursing graduates on the Goodman Campus were: Teondra Carter, Kaitlin Fowler, Samantha Hibner, Blake Holly, Keaira Jones, Precious Kern, Kally Kirk, Skyla McIntyre, Noah Mincy, Sarah Sepaugh, and Whitney Wilson. Blair and Tammy Caldwell are the instructors in Goodman.

The practical nursing graduates on the Ridgeland Campus were: Cameron Brown, Amanda Edwards, Jennifer Gore, Haley Greer, Lindsey Impastato, Mary Maier, Sharmeshia Manuel, Carmen McKey, and Crystel Sayles. Dr. Sutton and Heather Roberts are the Ridgeland instructors.

For the Grenada Campus, graduates included: Janie Arbuckle, Rachel Brewer, Laura Fonseca, Shannon Foster, Carley Hamby, Dustie Hood, Zoranna Jones, Amber King, McKenzie King, Jearica McBride, Melanie Mitchell, Kayla Nichols, Kelsie Owens, Amanda Rowland, Christina Shirley Davis, Tiffany Smith, Tiffany Tillman, Brittany Wallace, and Erin Wheeler. Janice Avery and Carolyn Case are the instructors in Grenada.

"Carolyn and I are so excited about the 100 percent pass rate as this was our second year in a row (on the Grenada Campus) to get the 100 percent," Avery said. "We love all the students and wish them only the best. They might not understand now why we pushed them to study and be successful as a person and a nurse, but one day they will look back and know. One of these graduates might one day be our replacements and will have to say, 'I know what you're going through, but it's for your own good.'"

For more information on the Holmes PN programs, contact Christi Blair at or (662)472-9173.


Pictured are Ridgeland Campus practical nursing students (left to right) Crystel Sayles and Carmen McKey during the Pinning Ceremony in June. Sayles and McKey were two of the 39 Holmes Community College practical nursing students to graduate in 2016. All of these students, across three campuses passed the National NCLEX exam on their first try. Save

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