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Ridgeland Campus ADN students honored Title

Ridgeland Campus ADN students honored Title

The Ridgeland Campus of Holmes Community College held a Pinning Ceremony for the graduating Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Class of 2017 on May 10 at Ridgeland High School. Twenty-nine students graduated from the program.

Graduates included Allison Balliet, Justin Bowser, Ashleigh Buck, Preshus Catchings, Misti Cowart, Summer Desper, Adrianne Devine, Taylor Ford, Crystal Griffing, Rian Hall, Michael Henrikson, Janelle Johnson, Logan Leblanc, Morgan McCloskey, Chasity McCree, Rachel McFarland, Laquesha Owens, Michelle Pope, Ashley Prewitt, Elizabeth Randle, Jennifer Roberts, April Robinson, Summer Smith, Morgan-Louise Solari, Terry "T.J." Temple, Jeimy Viveros Amador, Bailey Weems, Sondra Welch and Theresa Wells.

The ceremony began with a processional of the ADN Class of 2017. Dr. Don Burnham, vice president of the Ridgeland Campus, gave an opening prayer welcomed the crowd and graduates.

"First off, I would like to recognize all the family members, friends and loved ones who supported these students through this journey," Dr. Burnham said. "This is the hardest program offered at Holmes Community College. I want to challenge the graduates to always keep your integrity. You may have to make decisions that not everyone agrees with, so guard your integrity with everything you've got. Secondly, remember that Holmes Community College will always be a part of you, and you will always be a part of Holmes. Please keep in touch with us, and feel free to contact me or any of the other instructors if you ever need anything in the future. Finally, may God bless each of you, and may you never forget to keep Him in the center of all that you do. Congratulations!"

Following Dr. Burnham's address, ADN instructor Barbara Puryear explained the symbolism behind the white uniforms, the lamp-shaped candles, and the pinning ceremony. Puryear explained that everything originated from the actions of Florence Nightingale, the historical nurse who laid the foundation for professional nursing while training nurses during the Crimean War.

"The nursing uniforms were intended to set nurses apart from others helping during the war," Puryear said. "Originally, they were a dark charcoal color, but later changed to white to represent sterility and cleanliness. Although nursing uniforms today come in a variety of colors, white continues to be a symbol for caring, hygiene and comfort.

"The lamp came from Nightingale's nickname, "The Lady with the Lamp," which she earned from making rounds to check on wounded soldiers at night. Today, the lamp symbolizes the professional commitment nurses make to uphold high moral standards and a strong work ethic.

"Finally, the pinning ritual began when Nightingale – after being honored with the Red Cross of St. John for her tireless efforts helping wounded soldiers – followed suit and presented a medal of excellence to her top nursing graduates."

Succeeding Puryear's speech, ADN Assistant Director Dr. Alice Austin presented the Student Achievement Award to Ashley Prewitt.

"Prewitt is self-motivated, eager to learn and a stellar student," Dr. Austin said. "A non-traditional student, nursing will be a second career for Prewitt, who previously worked in a different segment of healthcare. She is dedicated to her patients and conducts herself in a professional manner both in the classroom and during clinicals."

Rosalyn Howard of Mississippi Nurses Foundation also presented Prewitt with the Mississippi School of Nursing Scholarship from the Foundation.

After the awards were given, ADN Instructor Kim Sandifer called the students to the stage one-by-one to receive their pins and lamps from ADN instructors Dr. Pamela McCollum and Tiffany Cox. The ceremony concluded with the students reciting the Nightingale Pledge and T.J. Temple, class secretary, giving the closing prayer.

For more information about the ADN program on the Ridgeland Campus, contact Dr. Austin at (601) 605.3419 or


IN THIS PHOTO: Pictured is the Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) graduating class of 2017 with their instructors. Pictured are (front row, kneeling, left to right) Morgan McCloskey, Rian Hall, Janelle Johnson, Morgan-Louise Solari, Misti Cowart, (second row, left to right) nursing instructor Kim Sandifer, nursing instructor Susan Anderson, nursing instructor Dr. Pamela McCollum, Ashleigh Buck, Justin Bowser, Preshus Catchings, Sondra Welch, ADN Assistant Director Dr. Alice Austin, Laquesha Owens, Theresa Wells, Jeimy Viveros Amador, Summer Desper, Rachel McFarland, Jennifer Roberts, Adrianne Devine, nursing instructor Cindy Bridges, nursing instructor Madeline Brewer, (back row, left to right) Chasity McCree, April Robinson, Logan Leblanc, Michael Henrikson, Terry "T.J." Temple, Allison Balliet, Summer Smith, Michelle Pope, Elizabeth Randle, Taylor Ford, Bailey Weems, Ashley Prewitt, nursing instructor Barbara Puryear, and Tiffany Cox.

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