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Alabama Holmes family visits Holmes CC Grenada

Alabama Holmes family visits Holmes CC Grenada

During their spring break, Marie Holmes and her two daughters - Monica Holmes Allen and Amanda Holmes - did something they had always wanted to do: visit Holmes Community College. Because Holmes is their family name, they had always been curious about the institution and what it was all about.

Marie and her two daughters take a vacation together every spring break, and this time they decided to make a trip to the Grenada Campus. All three work in the field of education: Marie, a retired teacher, Monica, a high school counselor, and Amanda, an elementary school teacher. They all live in Marion County in Alabama.

"Our family knew that there was a college named Holmes, although we didn't know much else about it," Amanda said. "During Thanksgiving, we decided that we should get t-shirts from the college to wear, especially since Holmes is not a very common name in our area. We also loved that the mascot is a bulldog, because in many ways, that would be a good mascot for our family. We are very tight-knit, have each other's backs, and have that 'bulldog attitude' to work hard and not give up no matter what. Also, funny enough, my son owns a bulldog kennel as a side job.

"My mother, sister and I decided we would go to the Grenada Campus one day of spring break and purchase some Holmes gear. We thought it would be fun to surprise our brother with a shirt the next time we get to see him (there are six of us siblings total). Although we got to campus later than intended, the staff members who were still there were so kind and inviting.

"Mrs. Cynthia Abel especially was so generous and could not have been nicer to us. In fact, I don't think I've ever been treated as well on a college campus, or any tour for that matter, as the Holmes staff treated us. I also loved learning about what Mrs. Abel does as a student recruiter; we live in a rural area, and I wasn't even aware of all the different jobs that are available on a college campus these days. Speaking with her made me think I might be interested in pursuing a career similar to her position at some point.

"I was so impressed with the institution that I've been telling my sixth-graders at Brilliant Elementary School about Holmes, and how a school like that is the perfect place for many of them. A place that offers workforce development and career-technical programs – along with the usual academic offerings – gives students a lot more options for their career paths."

Marie Holmes also commented that they had always wanted to visit Holmes, and that they really enjoyed their visit.

"Something else interesting," Marie said, "is that the youngest of my six children is named David Holmes…and Holmes County, where the main campus of Holmes Community College sits, is named in honor of David Holmes, the first governor of the state of Mississippi."

The Holmes ladies thoroughly enjoyed their experience at the college so much that they plan to visit Holmes again in the future.


IN THIS PHOTO: Pictured are (left to right) Amanda Holmes, Marie Holmes, and Morgan Holmes Allen. These ladies, a mother (center) and her two daughters, all live in Marion County in Alabama, and went and toured the Holmes Grenada Campus during their spring break.

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