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Holmes recognizes faculty, staff for years of service

Holmes recognizes faculty, staff for years of service From Top (left) Terrell Hammett was recognized for 30 years of service. (right, seated left to right) Pamela Fells, Rosalyne Davis, Roxanne Harrison, (standing, left to right) Joe McDaniel and Tony McDaniel were recognized for 20 years of service. Those with 15 years of service include: (seated, left to right) Brenda Melton, Caroline Barton, Lynn Boykin, Dr. Stephanie Diffey, Addie Lusk, Joe Washington, (standing, left to right) Yancy Brewer, Jeffrey Brown, Justin Ferguson, J.R. Hall, Eric Kimbrough and Joey Netherland, Jr. Those with 10 years of service include: (seated, left to right) Dr. Theresa Hargett, Dr. Luke Jones, Patty Jones, Jessica Lepard, Cheryl Smith, (standing, left to right) Mitch Costilow, Josh Neagle, Pam Moore and Greg Wilson. Those with five years of service include: (seated, left to right) Christie Adams, Shari Box, Miranda Burns, Arletha Coffey, Shea Coleman, Debbie Collins, Kristin Daniels, Kerri Edwards, Susan Garraway Anderson, Tina Garrett, Sandra Hultz, Meg King, James Floyd, Raymond Gross, James Hodges, Jason Kelly, Suzanne Lawshe, LaShonda Levy, Mary Margaret Busby, Patrick Sample, Elizabeth Shelby, Jennifer Smith, Lisa Wilbourn and Heather Wood. Not pictured: Dr. Troy Milliken and Judy Tucker.

On Monday, Aug. 12, Holmes Community College celebrated the upcoming school year with an Opening Convocation on the Goodman Campus. This year's theme was "Back to the Future," giving employees an opportunity to rock their 80's garb if they felt inclined. In addition to the employee mix and mingle, a recognition of new employees, a welcome message by President Dr. Jim Haffey and breakout sessions by department, the institution also recognized those who have reached milestones for their years of service to Holmes.

The employees recognized for five years of service to the college included: Christie Adams, cosmetology instructor, Goodman Campus; Shari Box, housekeeper, Goodman; Miranda Burns, data entry specialist, Ridgeland; Mary Margaret Busby, public relations specialist/journalism instructor, Ridgeland; Arletha Coffey, nursing instructor, Grenada; Shea Coleman, surgical technology instructor, Ridgeland; Debbie Collins, housekeeper, Grenada; Kristin Daniels, administrative assistant for evening programs, Ridgeland; Kerri Edwards, administrative assistant to the academic dean, Ridgeland; James Floyd, forest technology instructor, Grenada; Susan Garraway Anderson, associate degree nursing (ADN) instructor, Ridgeland; Tina Garrett, psychology instructor, Grenada; Raymond Gross, co-offensive football coach, Goodman; James Hodges, groundskeeper, Goodman; Sandra Hultz, emergency medical science instructor, Ridgeland; Jason Kelly, history instructor, Goodman; Meg King, physical therapist assistant program director, Grenada; Suzanne Lawshe, coordinator of student accounts, Goodman; LaShonda Levy, English instructor, Goodman; Dr. Troy Milliken, chemistry instructor, Ridgeland; Patrick Sample, police officer, Goodman; Elizabeth Shelby, admissions & records/financial aid assistance, Ridgeland; Jennifer Smith, assistant librarian, Ridgeland; Judy Tucker, police officer, Ridgeland; Lisa Wilbourn, business and office technology instructor, Grenada, and Heather Wood, mathematics instructor, Grenada.

The faculty and staff members recognized for 10 years of service with the college included: Mitch Costilow, IT technician, Grenada; Theresa Hargett, ADN instructor, Grenada; Dr. Luke Jones, director of industrial studies, Goodman; Patty Jones, ADN instructor, Grenada; Jessica Lepard, coordinator of transfer articulation, Goodman; Pam Moore, education programs instructor, Grenada; Josh Neagle, IT technician, Goodman; Cheryl Smith, maintenance, Ridgeland; Alice Watson, maintenance, Ridgeland; Shieneith White, administrative assistant for maintenance, Goodman, and Greg Wilson, biological sciences instructor, Ridgeland.

The employees recognized for 15 years of service with the college included: Caroline Barton, history instructor, Goodman; Laura Bigbee, career-technical education support coordinator, Goodman; Lynn Boykin, engineering technology instructor, Ridgeland; Yancy Brewer, emergency medical technician instructor, Ridgeland; Jeffrey Brown, band director, Goodman; Dr. Stephanie Diffey, director of institutional research and effectiveness, Goodman; Justin Ferguson, network administrator, Grenada; J.R. Hall, history instructor, Ridgeland; Eric Kimbrough, maintenance groundskeeper, Goodman; Addie Lusk, dorm security, Goodman; Brenda Melton, assistant to the director of admissions, Goodman; Joey Netherland, maintenance supervisor, Goodman, and Joe Washington, maintenance groundskeeper, Goodman.

The 20-year service award recipients included: Rosalyne Davis, biological science instructor, Goodman; Pamela Fells, academic counselor, Ridgeland; Roxanne Harrison, administrative assistant for career-technical education, Grenada; Joe McDaniel, maintenance engineer, Goodman and Tony McDaniel, police chief, Goodman.

There was only one employee recognized for 30 years of service to Holmes and that was Terrell Hammett, who is a payroll analyst on the Goodman Campus.

New Holmes employees were also recognized. Those included: Kenny Arnett, maintenance/security, Attala Center; Kate Barton, practical nursing instructor, Grenada; Wade Beard, chief of police, Grenada; Cheri Bergeron, accounting eLearning instructor, Goodman; Morgan Bondurant, multi-media/web developer, Ridgeland; Paul Brown, occupational therapy assistant instructor/fieldwork coordinator, Ridgeland; Eric Colbert, assistant basketball coach, Goodman; Haley DeNoon, recruiter/student activities coordinator, Grenada; Benny Edwards, choral music director/instructor, Goodman; LeMarcus Gibson, assistant head coach/defense assistant, Goodman; Rekam Giri, physics instructor, Goodman; Clate Holleman, director of financial aid, Goodman; Amy Lindsay, practical nursing instructor, Attala Center; Ronnie Lockett, grounds crew, Goodman; Jacqueline Meek, music instructor, Goodman; Terry Miller, assistant band director, Goodman; Durga Siwakoti, physics instructor, Ridgeland; and Roger Wade, chief of police, Ridgeland.

Following the recognitions, Dr. Haffey addressed the state of the college and new programs/renovations underway before dismissing for lunch and departmental meetings. For more information about Holmes, visit


Holmes Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
national origin, sex, age, disability or genetic information in its educational programs and activities,
employment practices, or admissions processes. The following administrators have been designated to handle
inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies of Holmes Community College:

Inquiries regarding compliance with Title VI, ADEA, and Title IX are coordinated by the Vice President for
Compliance and Institutional Research, Henry B. McClellan Administration Building, Post Office Box 369,
Goodman, MS 39079, Phone: 662-472-9429,

Inquiries regarding compliance with Section 504 and ADA are coordinated by the Disability Student Services
Coordinator, M.R. Thorne Vocational-Technical Building, Room 110, Post Office Box 369, Goodman, MS 39079,
Phone: 662-472-9088,
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