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Holmes Ridgeland announces 2024 Who’s Who

The Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus announced the 2024 Who’s Who recipients, which includes Mr. and Miss Holmes and Class Favorites. Mr. and Miss Holmes for the Ridgeland Campus are Cedravious Davis of Canton and Brooke Barron of Brandon.

Class Favorites are Mary Peyton Barnette of Madison, Swayze Brewer of Brandon, Caroline Brister of Madison, Lauren Dew of Madison and Graham Lambert of Canton.

Cedravious Davis, son of Trenina Davis, is an art major who loves to draw and design various things. He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and a Hall of Fame inductee. Davis was also named to the Dean’s List as a freshman and a sophomore. One of his favorite hobbies that he enjoys is attending the gym at Holmes. He has gone consistently for seven months and said that everyone is always so welcoming. Davis also enjoys reading at the local Barnes & Noble, traveling and advocating for a progressive and positive lifestyle.

“I think everyone should adapt this habit of doing what you love and never forgetting to be the best person you can be, not only for others, but for yourself!” Davis said.

Davis has also volunteered for and donated to the Stewpot nonprofit organization. Upon graduation from Holmes, he plans to transfer to Mississippi State University to further his education in business marketing. He aspires to be a creative director in the entertainment industry, and hopes to one day have his name on a film or organization.

“I just want to showcase my creativity and marketing skills in many ways as possible,” Davis said. “With my baking business, CedsCreationz, which I’ve had for almost four-five years, I plan on continuing to bake more cakes and treats. I’ve been fortunate enough to make various desserts for special occasions from weddings, birthdays, baby showers, retirement and more. I hope to continue to create desserts as it has been a passion of mine since I was a younger child. Hopefully one day I’ll establish a B&M (physical business).”

Brooke Barron, the daughter of Molly Staley and Chris Barron, is a radiologic sciences major. She is also a Holmes Ambassador, member of Rotoract Club and Hall of Fame recipient. She volunteered at Mission First for Rotoract Club, as well. Upon graduation from Holmes, she plans to attend the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s radiologic technologist program, and after that go on to specialize in ultrasounds.

“I have loved every minute I’ve spent at Holmes CC, they have opened many doors for me,” Barron said. “I am so grateful to be chosen as the 2023-24 Miss Holmes!”


IN THIS PHOTO: Pictured are the Holmes Community College Grenada Campus 2024 Who’s Who recipients. They are: (left to right) Class Favorite Caroline Brister, Class Favorite Mary Peyton Barnette, Miss Holmes Brooke Barron, Mr. Holmes Cedravious Davis, Class Favorite Graham Lambert, Class Favorite Swayze Brewer and Class Favorite Lauren Dew.

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