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Holmes student prepares for a career in wildlife as a future conservation law officer

Jonah Lyon, a conservation law enforcement technology major at Holmes Community College, plans to become a conservation law officer (also known as a game warden) upon graduating. After he finishes his associate degree from Holmes in May of 2024, he will transfer to Mississippi State University to earn his bachelor’s degree in conservation law enforcement.

A native of New Hebron, a tiny town in Lawrence County, Lyon been an outdoors enthusiast all his life.

“I’ve always been interested in conservation law as a career path because I like working outdoors and I enjoy hunting and fishing,” Lyon said. “Right now, when I’m not in school, I am busy working. I am usually doing landscaping or construction work on Fridays and Saturdays. I was able to volunteer with Hope Outdoors this past fall and help a disabled child go deer hunting which was a rewarding experience.”

On campus, Lyon has been active in intramural sports and with his work-study position with the Student Activities department. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, hanging out with friends, playing his Xbox and reading. Additionally, Lyon attends Audubon Drive Bible Church where he is involved in the college/career Bible study group.

In the spring, Lyon received the Conservation Law Technology Award which is given to the student who has excelled academically and shown promise in their field.

Holmes is the only college in Mississippi to offer the Conservation Law Enforcement Technology degree option. Although Lyon plans to further his education and obtain a bachelor’s degree as well, the two-year program at Holmes prepares graduates for entry-level employment as a conservation law enforcement officer. It meets the requirements set by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks and blends technical courses in forestry and criminal justice with other academic courses. Students who complete the program earn an Associate of Applied Science degree.

“I would highly recommend attending Holmes,” Lyon said. “The class schedule and format has been great and easy to adapt to from high school. I enjoy that most of my classes are ‘in the field’ and include hands-on learning. Mr. James Floyd (my instructor and advisor) has been an excellent teacher and has so much knowledge about my field of study. He has encouraged me to further my education and made me aware of so many opportunities to aid my future.”

For more information about the Conservation Law Enforcement Technology program, contact instructor James Floyd at or (662) 227-2336.


IN THIS PHOTO: Pictured is Jonah Lyon of New Hebron receiving the Holmes Community College conservation Law Enforcement Technology Award from instructor James Floyd.

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