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Pearce retires from Holmes CC

Pearce retires from Holmes CC If you visited the Goodman Campus at night over the past eight years either as a student or guest to campus, you've probably run into Eddie Pearce at the security building on Montague Street.

Pearce, 67, a Bessemer, Ala. native, who lives in Carthage, recently announced his retirement and won't be the first person you see when arriving anymore. Pearce came to Holmes 10 years ago as a security officer with Allied Barton, who provided private security for the College until eight years ago when he became a security officer for Holmes.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it," Pearce said. "They are good kids here. It's been worth it to see some kids change their ways. I've had some kids to come by and say 'Mr. Eddie' can I talk to you? I say sure come on back. They sit and down we talk. They say thank you. They also ask do I believe what I tell them, and I tell them I do."

"Some ask me why I smile all of the time," he said. "I tell them why frown. If you have the Lord why frown because there's it's not need to frown. Think about the good times, don't think about the bad times. I've enjoyed it and had a good time. I'd come in early sometimes just to be here and for no particular reason."

Several of his fondest memories occurred over the last few years. This past Halloween, several softball players dressed as security officers as "Mr. Eddie." Also, Holmes Connection! Director Mike Yates asked him to make a cameo in one of the production videos.

"I didn't know what to think when that happened," Pearce said of the softball players. "I had to stop and think a minute but yeah. It was fun. I can't forget the time the time Mr. Yates got me to put the wig on. I finally conceded to do it. It was fun."

COVID-19 made the last few months a lot different for Pearce with no students on campus. "There are alot of things go on," Pearce said "A lot of things happen. This has been one of most unusual years that I can remember. I told a lot of kids that I'd see them after Spring Break, and they didn't come back because of this coronavirus and stuff. I really missed them not coming back. It's one of those things that happened. You never know what's going to happen."

One of the things most people do not realize is that Pearce is also a pastor serving the last 50 years. He currently serves as pastor of Open Door Baptist Church in Kosciusko, where he's been for the last 10 years.

He has also pastored at Bessemer Baptist Bible Church in Bessemer, Ala., Town Creek Baptist Church in Alexander City, Ala., Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Dayville, Ala. and at Temple Baptist Church in Kosciusko. He also was the associate pastor at Temple Baptist Church and also worked with Dr. William Surratt, where he sold Christian education supplies in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Pearce is a graduate of Jess Lainer High School (now Bessemer High School). He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in theology from Hyles Anderson Bible College in Hammond, Ind.

He has four children, Cindy Keith of Canton, Jan Watts of Alexandria City, Ala., Mark Pearce of Sallis and Johnathan Pearce of Virginia Beach, Virginia. They have 13 grandchildren.

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