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ThinkFast awareness program wows students

ThinkFast awareness program wows students

Holmes Community College's Goodman Campus students received a unique opportunity Tuesday to take part in the ThinkFast Interactive Awareness Program sponsored by the Mississippi Governor's Office of Highway Safety and MS-SADD and funded by Nissan North America. Holmes' Student Support Services/MOSAIC sponsored the program Tuesday.

Over 100 students took part in the program inside the Montgomery Fine Arts Auditorium. Goodman student Malik McNair from Pearl won the grand prize which included $100 in Amazon gift cards and also won $20 for winning the dance competition. Alan Weiner hosted the show and John Thompson was the DJ.

"It was awesome," Director of Student Support Services/MOSAIC Linda Alexander-Jones said. "We need more think like that on campus.

"You really did have to think fast to answer the questions, and we learned a lot," she said. "It was fun but there were also some serious issues at the same time."

"It was a great experience," student Ryan McLaurin said. "I recommend all students attend the ThinkFast program when given a chance."

The program is a comprehensive, interactive educational session covering topics that relate to teen driving. The valuable awareness content consists of Mississippi rules, regulations, and penalties, and other related safety topics. ThinkFast Interactive is very popular with administrations for its turnkey features, its one (1) length, and its innovative connectivity features.

"Our ThinkFast Interactive is an experiential team building, and awareness program that appeals to all ages with its professionally designed production set, sound system, music videos, and informative and engaging awareness trivia," Founder Tim John said. "Our innovative concept utilizes multi digit audience response System (ARS) technology wireless remote controls, which allows your entire audience (up to 1000 teams, up to 5 per team) to participate.

"From start to finish the message of prevention, responsibility, and awareness are non-intrusively reinforced," he said. "Our experienced team of hosts guide participants through the program so that everyone engages with the information. Both teens and adults from across the country have repeatedly given them high praise, and many say they create a unique, and engaging experience that participants will always remember."

ThinkFast Interactive employs active and experiential learning that provides participants with memory hooks to promote retention and retrieval. Our exclusive content concept moves between memory-hook questions that relate to popular culture and awareness content questions to maintain participant attention. The number one way to trigger memory recall is by emotional association. The program provides a "clue" or stimulus that triggers an emotion, then partners these emotions with factual information. Further our program employs multiple forms of visual games to involve limbic functioning as well as visual memory. This type of learning activity is the mental counterpart to memory, and makes learning a fun, enthusiastic, and challenging experience. While students may not remember every single fact presented, the overall effect is that a positive emotional feeling is associated with knowing critical safety information, and attitudes are shifted towards valuing personal safety and promoting the safety of others.

As a result of reviewing statistical reports provided by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security regarding teen injuries and fatalities on Mississippi roadways, a select number of Mississippi counties and schools were chosen to receive this innovative awareness program. Pre- and post- survey results gathered from student participants over the last seven years have shown that this program is a highly effective teaching tool.

ThinkFast Interactive received Lifesaver Award recognition for "unwavering dedication and outstanding commitment to highway safety in Tennessee" by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (formerly known as the Governor's Highway Safety Office).Save Save

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