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Holmes recognizes faculty, staff for years of service during Opening Convocation

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, Holmes Community College celebrated the upcoming school year with an Opening Convocation on the Goodman Campus. The day began with a breakfast social, complete with specialty coffee/breakfast drinks from The Sip. Once gathered in the coliseum, Holmes President Dr. Jim Haffey gave an address on the state of the college, introduced new employees and recognized employees who have reached five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service with the college. Faculty, staff and administration also enjoyed a motivational speech/presentation by Daniel Vassel from The Vassel Consulting Group before breaking for lunch and departmental meetings.

The Holmes employees recognized for five years of service with the college included: Ginny Ables, business and office technology instructor, Goodman; Kassidy Beall, human resources/payroll assistant, Goodman; Casey Caldwell, collision repair instructor, Goodman; William Devore, mathematics instructor, Goodman; Brittni Dickerson, administrative assistant to the vice president of institutional research, Goodman; Bill Fitts, industrial maintenance instructor, Ridgeland; Doyle Gilmore, maintenance technician, Goodman; Sammy Green, maintenance: AC and heating, Goodman; Lindsey Harville, Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) instructor, Grenada; Daphne Higgins, Adult Basic Education/High School Equivalency (ABE/HSE) instructor, Goodman; Melissa Love, workforce development coordinator, Ridgeland Campus; Vivian McGee, ADN instructor, Grenada; Mac McPhail, maintenance technician, Goodman; Cade Montague, Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program director, Ridgeland; Rachelle Moore, librarian, Grenada; Heather Rozier, practical nursing instructor, Grenada and Kris Wilson, fine arts instructor, Ridgeland.

The Holmes employees recognized for 10 years of service with the college were Christie Adams, cosmetology instructor, Goodman; Dr. Tiffany Cox, ADN instructor, Ridgeland; Lisa Davis, ADN instructor, Grenada; Allen Green, EMT instructor, Grenada; David Hill, HVAC instructor, Grenada; David Jones, psychology instructor, Ridgeland; James Lawrence, maintenance workers, Ridgeland; Larry Lipsey, dorm security; Goodman; Dr. Lakesia Sutton, practical nursing instructor, Ridgeland; Jay Wilson, history instructor, Grenada and Dr. Amy Wolgamott, public speaking instructor, Ridgeland.

The Holmes employees recognized for 15 years of service with the college included: Ryan Beggs, HPR instructor, Ridgeland; Angela Boyd, academic counselor, Goodman; John Byars, maintenance worker, Grenada; Bryant Crayton, security officer, Goodman; Darleen Dozier, paralegal technology instructor, Ridgeland; Mark Galtelli, EMT program director and instructor, Ridgeland; Lee Harmon, police sergeant, Goodman; Debbie Harville, administrative assistant for career-technical education, Grenada; Judy Hemphill, admissions representative, Ridgeland; Heather Jones, head cheer coach/chemistry instructor, Goodman; Nancy Parkerson, eLearning coordinator, Goodman; Willie Roby, police officer, Goodman; Dean Savage, biological science instructor, Grenada and Judy Smith, administrative assistant for the ADN program.

The Holmes employees recognized for 20 years of service with the college were Dr. Don Burnham, vice president for the Ridgeland Campus; Jeffrey Cotton, HVAC technology instructor, Goodman; Angela Crain, coordinator for workforce development, Ridgeland; Tess Crenshaw, academic specialist for Student Support Services, Goodman; Michelle Dancy, business administration instructor, Ridgeland; Dr. Jim Haffey, president, Goodman; Dr. Andrew Kelly, English instructor Ridgeland and Shae Wang, computer science instructor, Grenada.

The Holmes employees recognized for 25 years of service with the college were Tammy Collins, IT programmer/analyst, Ridgeland; Steve Diffey, director of communications/assistant athletic director, Goodman; Steven Groves, mechanic, Goodman; Trent Little, director of facilities operations, Goodman and Jesse Nichols, IT technician, Ridgeland.



  1. (left to right) Tammy Collins, Jesse Nichols, Steve Diffey, Steven Groves and Trent Little were recognized for 25 years of service with Holmes.


  1. Pictured are the Holmes employees who were recognized for 20 years of service with the college. They are (front row, left to right) Angela Crain, Tess Crenshaw, Michelle Dancy, Shae Wang, (back row, left to right) Andrew Kelly, Dr. Jim Haffey, Jeffrey Cotten and Dr. Don Burnham.


  1. (front row, left to right) Heather Jones, Nancy Parkerson, Angela Boyd, Dean Savage, Willie Roby, (back row, left to right) Darleen Dozier, Judy Hemphill, Debbie Harville, Judy Smith, Lee Harmon and Ryan Beggs were recognized for 15 years of service with Holmes. Not pictured: John Byars, Bryant Crayton and Mark Galtelli.
  2. (front row, left to right) Christie Adams, Dr. Tiffany Cox, Dr. Lakesia Sutton, Dr. Amy Wolgamott, Allen Green, (back row, left to right) Larry Lipsey, David Jones, David Hill and Jay Wilson were recognized for 10 years of service with Holmes. Not pictured: Lisa Davis and James Lawrence.
  3. (front row, left to right) Melissa Love, Doyle Gilmore, Daphne Higgins, Rachelle Moore, Brittni Dickerson, Ginny Ables, Kassidy Beall, (back row, left to right) William Devore, Heather Rozier, Lindsey Harville, Vivian McGee, Bill Fitts, Cade Montague and Kris Wilson were recognized for five years of service with Holmes. Not pictured: Casey Caldwell, Sammy Green and Mac McPhail.
Holmes Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
national origin, sex, age, disability or genetic information in its educational programs and activities,
employment practices, or admissions processes. The following administrators have been designated to handle
inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies of Holmes Community College:

Inquiries regarding compliance with Title VI, ADEA, and Title IX are coordinated by the Vice President for
Compliance and Institutional Research, Henry B. McClellan Administration Building, Post Office Box 369,
Goodman, MS 39079, Phone: 662-472-9429,

Inquiries regarding compliance with Section 504 and ADA are coordinated by the Disability Student Services
Coordinator, M.R. Thorne Vocational-Technical Building, Room 110, Post Office Box 369, Goodman, MS 39079,
Phone: 662-472-9088,
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