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HEADWAE taps Anglin, Westbrook 2019 Holmes award recipients

HEADWAE taps Anglin, Westbrook 2019 Holmes award recipients Lisa Anglin, a mathematics instructor, and Hallie Westbrook of Pickens, an architectural engineering and accounting student, have been named Holmes Community College's honorees for the Legislature's HEADWAE (Higher Education Appreciation Day – Working for Academic Excellence) program for 2019. Lisa Anglin, a mathematics instructor, and Hallie Westbrook of Pickens, an architectural engineering and accounting student, have been named Holmes Community College's honorees for the Legislature's HEADWAE (Higher Education Appreciation Day – Working for Academic Excellence) program for 2019. Anglin is an instructor on the Ridgeland Campus and Westbrook is a sophomore on the Goodman Campus. Lisa Anglin

Anglin, who has worked at Holmes for 13 years, holds a bachelor's in mathematics from Millsaps College and a master's in mathematics Mississippi College. In addition to teaching mathematics courses at Holmes, she is also a member of the Educational Association and serves as an adviser for the Alpha Lambda Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

"Lisa and I have worked together for 12 years at Holmes. She is great at encouraging me to try new things, motivates me to do better, and is always there to bounce ideas off. Lisa makes me a better teacher every year. I am thankful for her willingness to collaborate with me help me jump outside the box."

Outside of Holmes, Anglin is a member of the Mississippi Collegiate Mathematics Association and on the Board for Salt and Light Ministry. She is also a member of Madison United Methodist Church where she serves on the Children's Ministry Leadership Team.

"When I think of a faculty member who is continually bringing ideas to the table for the sole purpose of helping a student succeed on their path, I think of Lisa Anglin," said Ridgeland Campus Academic Dean Dr. Tonya Lawrence. "She is positive, professional, forward-thinking and passionate about teaching. Her solutions-approach makes my job more enjoyable."

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, cooking, working out, reading and traveling. She and her husband, Micah, have two children: Macy and Luke.

"Lisa is one of those individuals who is a joy to be around," said Ridgeland Campus Vice President Dr. Don Burnham. "She is willing to bring an issue forth but she also brings a solution with that issue and she is open to other opinions. She cares deeply about her students, her co-workers and Holmes Community College, and she takes on additional responsibilities particularly as they pertain to students. Lisa will be an excellent representation for Holmes at the HEADWAE luncheon." Hallie Westbrook

The daughter of Rolan and Dawn Westbrook, Hallie is a graduate of Harttown Homeschool Academy who is studying both architectural engineering and accounting on the Holmes Goodman Campus. She was inducted into the 2018 Holmes Hall of Fame and received the Architectural Engineering Tech Award in 2017, the English Composition Award in 2018 and the Phi Theta Kappa Golden Key Award in 2018.

"Hallie is the sort of student who is happy to work for the good of her college and community," said English instructor Jessica Brown. "She is respected by her classmates and often steps out of her comfort zone to open her mind to new ways of learning."

Westbrook was also a member of the 2016-17 SkillsUSA Opening and Closing team that won the Golden Medal at the state competition and Bronze Medal at nationals. In 2018, she won a Silver Medal at state-level for Technical Applied Mathematics.

"Hallie exemplifies the caliber of student who educators dream of having in their classroom," said Will Alexander, Engineering Technology instructor and Phi Theta Kappa/SkillsUSA adviser. "She never brings anything less than her 'A-Game' to the table. The news of Hallie being named as the HEADWAE student comes as no surprise, as we all fight over her for academics and extracurricular assignments/activities."

Westbrook holds a 4.0 GPA and her leadership roles include president of Goodman Campus SkillsUSA; vice president of the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and Get2College FAFSA Corps member. She is also a work-study student in the Holmes Financial Aid Office and an active member of Pickens Presbyterian Church.

Westbrook will complete her AAS degree in Architectural Engineering Technology in December 2018 and her AA degree in Accounting in May 2019. Upon completing both of these degrees at Holmes, she will pursue a Bachelor of Science in Accounting at a four-year university. Westbrook is interested in using her degrees in a consumer-service capacity.

"Hallie has been a work-study in Financial Aid for over two years and we are blessed to have her," said Director of Financial Aid Dr. Gail Muse-Beggs. "I was not the least bit surprised when I was told she was selected as the HEADWAE student. She is in her second year as the Get2College FAFSA Corp Scholarship recipient and in this role she continues to make a difference in the lives of high school seniors wishing to pursue higher education.

"Hallie represents Holmes Community College by going into district high schools and assisting parents and future students with FAFSA completion and navigation of the complicated processes of financial aid while remaining patient and understanding. She has a heart for serving people and for making the world a better place. Hallie is an excellent choice for this honor and the entire Financial Aid Office is extremely proud of her."

HEADWAE, which is supported by the corporate community and coordinated by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, was established in 1988 by the Mississippi Legislature to recognize outstanding students and faculty in Mississippi's colleges and universities. The honorees will be will be recognized at the 32nd Annual (HEADWAE) program on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019, at the Jackson Marriott Hotel. The program will begin at the State Capitol with the Awards Luncheon following.

For more information about HEADWAE, visit:

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